The princely chambers and the 600 years of the Electorate of the Palatinate are on the agenda during this one-hour tour. From the beginnings in the Gothic ruins of the Ruprechts building, to the magnificent palaces of the Renaissance, Friedrichsbau and castle chapel.

Immerse yourself in the simple life and splendor of the splendid times of the world-famous castle ruins. Feel the romantic charm even today!

Tour through the various buildings such as Ruprechtsbau, library building, Frauenzimmerbau with Königssaal, Friedrichsbau and the castle chapel. (depends on availability)


Public guided tours

You may at any time join our public tours.

Meeting point: court yard


Summer time 01.04. - 31.10.

Monday - Friday

every hour 11.15am last at 04.15pm

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday

every hour 10.15am last at 04.15pm


Winter time 01.11. - 31.03.

Monday - Friday

11.15am, 12.15am, 02.15pm, 04.15pm

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday

every hour 11.15am last at 04.15pm




1 hour


Admission tickets

Adults 5,00 €

Concession 2,50 €

Families 12,50 €

(2 adults + own children under 18 years)

plus castle entrance ticket


Price for groups

90,00 € for up to 20 persons
each additional 4,50 €
plus castle entrance ticket


Pupil and student groups

50,00 € for up to 20 persons
each additional 2,50 €
plus castle entrance ticket

Note for groups

For groups available in several languages at preferred day and time.

Reservation required.

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Explore the most beautiful spots of Heidelberg Castle.

During this 2 hour tour you will observe hidden spots, explore up and downs of the history and enjoy breath taking views.

Tour can be adjusted to your time schedule.


Following buildings may be viewed upon availability:

Ruprechtsbau, Bibliotheksbau, Frauenzimmerbau and Königssaal, Englischer Bau, Friedrichsbau, Schlosskapelle, Dicker Turm, Fasskeller.



2 hours


Available in several languages upon request.

Groups rates apply.

Reservation required.

HD-Group-special subject

Price for groups

during opening hours

108,00 for up to 20 persons
each additional 5,40 €
plus Schlossticket (entrance fee)

HD-Group-special subject past 5:30pm

Price for groups past 05:30pm

248,00 € for up to 20 persons
each additional 12,40 €


Please note:
Our tour guide will collect payments, due to closure of ticket counter.

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